Vijay Magon

Managing Director, CCube Solutions

Prior to founding the company, Vijay Magon spent 15 years working in the defence industry in research-based roles. He has a PhD in particle physics from The University of London and held research posts at The Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the UK and CERN in Geneva. Vijay Magon is active in developing and guiding the future direction of the ECM industry. He is also a member of the Institute of Physics. Over twenty years’ experience in designing, installing, and supporting Electronic Document & Records Management (EDRM), and Workflow solutions, integrated with business processes, including design and delivery of EDRM solutions for Patient Records Management.

  • Responsibilities included design, development, implementation, and support of EDRM and Workflow systems ranging from small, department-wide systems to full integrated, enterprise-wide systems.
  • Helping to deliver Paper Less healthcare in UK NHS.
  • Product development work.
  • Implementation & Training guidelines
  • Manage teams, including sales, admin, and technical staff.
  • Provide technical input to support sales staff, including presentations & seminars at events.
  • Develop CCube Solutions profile in UK.
  • Develop business partnerships in Europe.

Session Details

Capturing Vital Content
13.30pm - 14.15pm
Rome Room

  • The importance of content  - what is data, how has it changed over the years and how is it growing
  • Capturing & creating content – capture solutions have been developed to deal with the new data we all deal with, what are these and how do you create the new data?
  • Identifying, analysing and classifying content – the new data is growing at astronomical rates. Without proper classification, it will simply hide "the truth” SO how do we deal with this and how can Machine Learning and AI help?
  • Standardisation, Privacy and confidentiality considerations – there is a balance between privacy and access; there are no universal rules because each sector has its own guidelines based on need, eg. personal health vs. accounting information.

Benefits of attending:

  • Content drives business processes
  • Content capture and management must comply with established guidelines & standards
  • Content has a life, and then it ends!

 Questions for discussion: 

  • What is content? 
  • How has content changed over the years?
  • Legacy vs. new content
  • Generating and managing new content
  • Is paper still relevant?
  • Future content


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