Nick Camilleri

Managing Director, Scan2x

Nick Camilleri is managing director of Avantech and he started his career in software development in 1987, building automation systems for the manufacturing industry. His development experience started with 4GL development languages in Windows and Linux environments and has continued since to encompass the latest in Windows .NET, Mobile and Cloud technologies.

Nick also started Avantech’s own Scan2x Intelligent Document Scanning software application, now sold by Canon across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Nick has delivered training on document management and digital transformation throughout EMEA at numerous events, and has grown Avantech to be both a leading office equipment distributor and a supplier of document scanning software to Canon.

Session Details

Information Capture - The First Steps on Your Digital Transformation Journey
13.30pm - 14.15pm
Paris Room

The Essential First Step: Capturing data at source makes the process less daunting, more secure and consistent, and will actually boost efficiency. Join us to learn more.

Instant feedback whilst still in business process

Benefits of attending: 

  • Learn how early data capture has added effect of enhancing operational efficiency by enabling immediate feedback at point of capture
  • Learn how early data capture enhances data capture consistency, eliminating error and facilitating retrieval
  • Learn how early data capture enables enhanced security and audit at data capture stage, facilitating compliance (eg GDPR

Questions for discussion: 

  • What percentage of data is currently captured by staff at source?
  • Do you know how much your business is affected by data capture error and/or oversight?
  • Immediate data distribution at point of capture enhances efficiency. Agree?
  • To what extent is digitisation facilitated by early data capture?
  • How can we ensure consistent data capture across many offices and regions?
  • How can we ensure captured data is available to users when and where they need it?
Take a look at a preview of this session here


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