Nathan Voogt

Commercial Director, Preservica

 Nathan has a detailed knowledge of all stages of the information life cycle, from creation and capture through to long term archival. His key interests are in business process automation and the real world impact this can have on every organisation.

Session Details

Take Control of Your Long-Term Digital Information - Top Tips for Effective Information Governance
13.30pm - 14.15pm
Presidents Room

Digital information is under threat! Guaranteeing the integrity and long-term usability of electronic records is a perennial challenge for any information & records professional, especially during large scale migration projects.
Benefits of attending: 
  • How to protect long-term content from accidental or malicious change or deletion
  • Maintain accessibility to records during large scale decommissioning projects
  • Ensure you can meet GDPR compliance for long-term retention and data transfer

 Questions for discussion: 

  • How are you protecting long-term content today? 
  • What are the reasons for retaining this information?
  • Have you been involved with large scale projects such as application decommissioning?
  • Is your current solution fit for purpose, are you confident it will enable access to information in the long-term?
  • Can you share any experiences of data loss or instances of file obsolescence?
  • How do you see AI and machine learning supporting the categorisation of digital records? 


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