Lucy Brownsdon

Centre for Facilitation

Lucy’s background is in Organisational Development Manager initially in retail for Principles, Debenhams, Burtons and Next PLC. Lucy has since worked in a consultancy roles facilitating across all industries, public sector, third sector in both PLC and SME’s. Lucy in her facilitation role has a broad knowledge of processes and techniques to excel in enabling achieving goals and commit to action. She also has specific expertise in how to enable participants adopt behaviours that are supportive.

Session Details

The Role of Change Management in Successful IM Projects
14.45pm - 15.30pm
Presidents Room

Introducing the human dynamics of stakeholders is where the complexity and complication emerges in change initiatives.  This discussion will focus on sharing experience and practical tips to be ‘match fit’..

Benefits of attending:

  • Expand understanding on what human issues can derail a project
  • Stimulate ideas on what to do to prevent these pitfalls
  • Gain practical tips on how to overcome issues that do emerge

 Questions for discussion: 

  • What are the common pitfalls of IM projects?
  • What organisational issues can easily be missed when planning?
  • What human issues are often overlook during implementation?
  • What can be done to prevent these from becoming an issue?
  • What early signs to look out for that indicate a project is leaving its tracks?
  • What approaches would you advocate to resolve issues expediently?



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