Jorge Ramírez

Founder & CEO, R2 Docuo

Jorge Ramírez studied Computer Science at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and together with his partner Ignacio Ruiz, founded R2 Sistemas in 2000 (although the team had been together developing management software since 1998). 
As R2 Sistemas CEO, he has been for 20 years in the software market, first creating the R2 Metro custom management software development platform and then creating the R2 Docuo and R2 Mando software packages.
R2 Sistemas team is pioneer in the provision of cloud corporate management software services. Their first SaaS client dates back to 2002.
Over 10K users benefit from R2 Sistemas management software every day in Spain, Europe and America.

Session Details

From Pain to Process: Moving from Process Agony to Productivity (BPM)
10.30am - 11.15am
Rome Room

Process Agony scenarios often result from wrong decisions when implementing BPM/Workflow software.  Business and Execution Layer must both be considered. Learn how Agile Workflow Management can take you to productivity.

Benefits of attending: 

  • Business layer and Execution layer are different, and both need to be addressed
  • You will never hit bull’s-eye first time you model your workflows 
  • Team managers should be capable of implementing process changes themselves
Questions for discussion: 
  • Are you in Process Agony? Top three symptoms
  • What do you expect from a BPM/Workflow solution?  Guide, Measure, Support
  • Who should software help: CEO or team? Business layer vs Execution layer
  • Does your BPM/Workflow solution help in everyday work? (email, docs & forms)
  • How often a workflow changes in your company?
  • Can you model the perfect workflow at the first try? Agile Workflow Management


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