New for AIIM 2024: 1 to 1 Meetings

One of our new and exciting features for 2024 are 1 to 1 Meetings which will be running alongside the exhibition and conference programme this year.

Here, attendees will have the opportunity to book a 1 to 1 meeting with their choice of solution provider; and receive a tailored and personalised understanding into how their services / platform / offering could benefit them and their business directly.

What are the benefits of booking a 1 to 1 meeting?

  • This personalised approach ensures that attendees can engage in meaningful discussions with like-minded professionals, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  • It enhances networking opportunities by strategically connecting participants with similar interests or complementary expertise.
  • It optimises the use of attendees’ time by facilitating targeted interactions, allowing participants to make the most out of their conference experience.

How do I book a 1 to 1 Meeting?

All registered delegates will receive an email 6 weeks prior to the event with the option to book in their seminar choices and book 1 to 1 meetings.

At this stage, delegates will be able to see information regarding the different Solution Partners’ offerings and will be able to book meetings based on their business needs and interests.

The matching facility creates a tailored approach to networking, providing a conducive environment for forging partnerships, exploring potential collaborations, and promoting the exchange of ideas critical to advancing the field of information management.