Seb Matthews

Founder and Consultant, extaCloud

Seb Matthews is a consultant, entrepreneur and community supporter with over 25 years’ experience working with organizations of all shapes and sizes to get the very best out of modern and digital technologies.  Over the last 10 years, he has founded several technology companies providing consultancy, implementation and cloud services and sits on the board of a number of tech start-ups in an advisory capacity.  Loving being 'hands-on', Seb continues to engage in consulting services to some of the worlds largest companies, specifically those that are looking to utilize Microsoft technologies in cloud scenarios where the emphasis is on Privacy and Information Management.  Fortunate to be a frequent speaker at conferences, in the community and at vendor events, Seb is an active member of the Microsoft community across the globe.
Session Details
F4. GDPR Discussion Panel - hosted by extaCloud
16.05pm - 17.00pm

Atle Skjekkeland will be hosting this years GDPR Discussion Panel with panellists including:
  • Seb Matthews, Founder and Consultant, extaCloud
  • Dai Davis, Solicitor and Partner, Percy Crow Davis & Co
  • Madi McAllister, Information Governance Officer, Church of England.